Q: When did you begin your Goorin Bros adventure? Is there a story behind it? / A: I started in the year 2016, I bought my two caps... That year there was a series called Walking Dead, and the actor Andrew Lincoln wore those caps and I started to investigate what brand the caps were and found Goorin Bros.

Q: When did you begin to realize you were starting a collection? / A: When I had more than 6 caps and wanted to keep buying more and more.
Q: Was there a mind-shift somewhere along the way where you knew you were about to embark on something bigger? / A: Yes, there was a change in my mentality because when I looked at a new cap I wanted to buy it immediately - I realized that I was embarking on something big.

Q: What are these hats fulfilling from within that has made you keep going and adding to your collection? / A: Well, the truth is that I really like animals and that's why I identify with the designs!
Q: What are your top three favorite hats that you own? / A: My three favorites are... CUB, COCK AND COUGAR

Q: You are a brand ambassador. How has that been going? / A: Being an ambassador is going well, because through this program many of my friends have come to know the Farm caps.

Q: Any message you wanted to give to our customers about why you choose Goorin and why you choose to continue adding more and more hats to your collection? / A:  I chose them for the design because they attract attention, and have an overall good presentation. As I started buying more and wearing them daily,  I loved the material and good quality.