Accessorizing With Hat Bands

Did you know that you can change out the band on your hat and completely change its look?

Accessorizing With Hat Bands

First and foremost, the hat band refers to the band around the outside of the hat, whereas the sweatband refers to the inside band that touches your head. Hat bands can range in almost every material. Here at Goorin, one of our most popular material used is Grosgrain. A Grosgrain ribbon is defined by its textured or “corded” appearance, which gives it a slight glossy look.

A lot of our hats also use leather wraps, sueded or ornamental bands. The great part about hat bands is that once you swap one style or color out for another, it completely changes the look of the hat. In shop we have a variety of colors in the grosgrain “Rib-On Dat Hat Band.” Other than the amazing different colors, these particular bands are designed with two sharp ends so easily attach to the already existing grosgrain and on your Goorin hat no additional tools necessary! That being said, most of our bands are tacked every few inches around the circumference of the crown, so if you’d like to use a seam ripper and take the original band off its super easy to do so.

Some of my favorite “hat bands” have been ones found at home: bandanas, vintage scarves, fabric scraps, bolo ties, necklaces, and leather belts the possibilities are endless, and the results are so creative and completely change the feel of your hat!

Check out our other hat accessories available here / Follow us on Instagram for more accessorizing tips + tricks.


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