Behind The Culture: Houston Campaign

 Houston Slab Culture : Slow, Loud and Bangin'

Behind The Culture: Houston Campaign

"Slabs emerged in Houston, Texas' African American communities in the mid-1980s. More specifically, it emerged in the streets. This was the mid-1980s during the crack era. Some young men were getting relatively wealthy and they used slabs as a way to show off their success, while also using it as an artistic outlet. But in the early 1990s, slabs moved out of that experience and became part of the local hip-hop culture. And that's when the slab scene really expanded and grew." Langston Wilkins: folklorist, ethnomusicologist, researcher"A slab is typically an older model, large-bodied, American sedan — Cadillac, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, etc. And it's embellished or outfitted with various types of body additions, the first and most important one being the rims called "swangas" or "elbows." Those are those cone-like rims that poke out pretty far. On the trunk, you have what's called a "fifth wheel," which is a rim that's cut in half and enclosed in a fiberglass casing. Also explosive stereo systems that rattle or shake the car and shake the surroundings when listening to rap music. And within the trunk, you often have what's called 'trunk displays,' which are neon or sometimes glass signs that convey particular messages to their communities." Langston Wilkins"I would say slabs are the visual element of Houston hip-hop culture. It's like graffiti or fashion in other scenes. Slabs are a form of material culture that illuminate the values, attitudes, and ideas of the local hip-hop communities.

I think it's the 'swangas' that separate slabs from other custom car cultures. That's why they're talked about so much. But beyond that I would say it's the larger hip-hop community, the Houston hip-hop community that makes slabs special. Houston hip-hop is marked by a slow sound. It's psychedelic music. It's atmospheric music. And we see all of those characteristics in slab culture. Slabs are meant to be driven really, really slow. Slab drivers commonly weave in and out of lanes when driving their cars. So a slab isn't just a type of car. It's an entire experience, and it's an entire culture, so it's certainly special." Langston WilkinsOur social media manager Brian created a SLAB inspired Spotify playlist to promote our Fall campaign throughout the season. Check it out here!

Photoshoot: Photographer: @the.odiwams / CreativeDirector: @zuccherostyling Videographer: @ogdannyocean BTS/Continuity Video: @hershboystudios Wardrobe Styling Assistant: @itsjustlolo MakeupArtist: @mua_blacswan Hairstylist: @flowestudio_ / PA/Craftie: @maiaajaaddee Models: Ronnetta Spencer: @ronnetta_ ToddArmstrong: @themodeltodd Alex Koby: @alexthekoby Samaria Hebert: @samaria_herbert Danielle Dillworth: @daninicolexoxo Location: @screwed_up_records
Site Coordinator for Screwed Up Records: @bossyinc

Sources: Business Insider, CoogLife, Houston Slabs Facebook, Chron, BossCandy Magazine BTS, Chron

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