Flatcap Frenzy

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Flatcap Frenzy

While baseball caps are practically an American tradition at this point (America’s pastime, after all) and fedoras get the nod for being branded as the de facto ‘Real Hat’ style upgrade, our friends in the Flatcap collection get overlooked, underrated, and frowned upon. This should not be so. I will draw a line in the sand and declare: The flatcap is the most versatile shape in hats. It bridges that gap between the casual nonchalance of baseball caps and the elevated fashion of a fedora. It does all this without sacrificing the functionality that all truly great hats should have, and has the added benefit in that they’re far more easy to transport and store than BOTH fedoras or baseball caps. All of this is fact.

When I first started working at Goorin Bros., my friends knew me as the Guy Always Wearing His White Sox Baseball Cap. It was my staple, my Chicago flag, if you will. My first non-baseball hat purchase was a fedora, but I quickly realized that there was a time and place for fedoras, at least relative to my lifestyle and my wardrobe at that point, and that there was a large gulf of open (style) space between that fedora and my White Sox cap.

Enter the six panel flatcap. This is the hat I most often recommend to clients who are tired of always wearing baseball caps, and know they need something a bit more adult, a bit more formal, but aren’t ready to make the jump into fedora-land. The six panel essentially takes a similar shape as the baseball, but gives it a much less casual vibe, particularly depending on what fabric or pattern you pick. Ronald Amos is my go-to here, and it works fabulous for those Fall/Winter Business casual vibes, and again, the functional beauty of it, it is a great rain or snow cap that can be worn with a hood, which we all know, the fedora cannot.I am also going to make a case here for my absolute favorite of the flatcap shapes, the eight panel. Too often maligned as a Newsie or Peaky Blinders cosplay, the eight panel is overlooked as a strong sartorial that instantly can add masculinity to a fall look in a way the narrow six panel just cannot. If you have a fuller, more rounded face, or medium to broad shoulders, I implore you to add the eight panel to your hat wardrobe before a six panel.If you’re a few hats deep into your hat collection and don’t yet own a flatcap, now is the time to start- Fall weather is prime flatcap season.

More styles to be released SOON!


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