Hana's Hot Picks

Hats are not just an accessory, they are an extension of how we feel on the inside. So when you find something that works for you there's nothing wrong with playing favorites!

Hana's Hot Picks

I am a wide brimmed hat lover through and through. Wide brims for me offer the perfect balance of fashion and function, they speak to a person's confidence levels, their freedom of expression, and their artistry within their personal style. So with all that being said, allow me to present to you my hot picks!My number one would have to be the Colonel Pierce. Oh Colonel how I love thee, let me count the ways!! This hat for me is the ultimate in shape and style. It is truly a unique piece that makes a statement for whoever puts it on. From dresses to jeans, I know it always works. It makes me feel beautiful and put together without being heavily feminine and empowers me because its shape is so distinct and strong.Next up is the Welfleet: In the thick of summer I tend to want something airy during the day for errands or being out in the sun, but I also want a piece that carries the essence of elegance. The toquilla straw is softer and a bit more malleable on this hat which makes it easy to wear. Probably another main reason its one of my top picks because comfort is king, but comfort and style is like cooking with gasoline!Luciano and the Sundowner are at a tie for me because I love them both so much. I originally acquired the Luciano for strong coverage while out on hikes, and it quickly became known as my adventure hat. The Sundowner to me is the Luciano’s dressed up sister - I see the Sundowner at more romantic settings like a wine tastings on a vineyard or at a wedding… or heck even worn to a vineyard wedding! The last love of my life is probably the Billy. That denim blue color is absolutely divine and truly one of the most beautiful colors I’ve seen us release. Its such a contrast piece if you have any slant towards amping up color in your wardrobe or it can exist as the shining star atop a neutral outfit no problem. This hat is the embodiment of cool. If you want something unique and outstanding, you need look no further than this intoxicating hat.Luckily when it comes to hats, you don’t have to be faithful to one style to wear them, in fact poly-hat love is what its all about! So find your lane and explore that territory, or bravely travel into new styles, colors, and sizes! Make your own hot picks list and then reinvent as you see fit! The possibilities are truly limitless but the fun is always guaranteed. So…what’s on your list??

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