Hats In Home Decor

Hats can go further than just on your head.

Hats In Home Decor

So often we hear folks saying “but how often will I actually wear this hat”. That is a completely valid question, especially for those of us just “getting into” the hat world. I’m sure we’ve all seen the #hatwall, #hatgoals craze through social media channels. Let’s just say: hat walls are the effortless statement wall you didn’t know you needed in your home. Now if you are a true hat wearer and collector you probably have some filled hat boxes in the back of your closet and then the hat wall of your favorites. For those of us who are just beginning the obsession, I mean, collection of hats, maybe we only have a couple on hand and still want to display our treasures. Let’s face it, hats are pieces of art which can transcend from your outfit into your sanctuary.

Another favorite interior trend we’ve seen live on is the Gallery Wall. Gallery walls also can be subtle with a couple framed photos and prints or go off and become an entire statement piece in your home – I’ve done both throughout my apartments over the years.In our 800 sq ft house we have been renting the past year and a half, I needed to get creative on how and what I could display throughout the house without it feeling too cramped or unintentional in where things were placed. Afterall, nowadays we are all spending so much more time in our homes. I knew I wanted to incorporate hats into our space, as they are such a huge part of our style and personalities.

By incorporating hats as décor, the game has completely changed. I am a big fan of textures when it comes to having a wall or a room come together. By incorporating wool, fur, or straw hats into the space, we are creating a variety of texture. I do not know about y’all, but textures make almost every space feel immediately cozier.

Recently I’ve been adding just one hat to a smaller gallery wall to show off my love for hats, while not overwhelming the living area. In our office, we have five hats spaced out in a row across one wall. For some reason, this structured and intentional symmetry helps me feel focused on my daily work. In the guest bedroom, I wanted our company to feel as if they were staying in an Airbnb, so throwing a corduroy cowboy hat up on the window seemed like the perfect homage to Nashville.Hats as part of your home checks a lot of boxes. Instant décor, easy to grab on your way out the door to completely your look, and hopefully creates a sense of inspiration whenever you look at them placed throughout your home. How you feel, or how your guests feel in your home is so important! You want your friends to walk in and say, “wow, this feels like you.” Just think, you could be drifting off to sleep and admiring your hats along the way.

If you’re still not convinced, lets reflect back to the television series Portlandia’s classic 2011 episode, which encouraged all of us to “put a bird on it”, and now a decade later, when in doubt, we’re encouraging y’all to “put a hat on it.”

Check out our #myhatwall Pinterest board for more inspiration!!

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