Styling: Menswear for all

From our guest contributor: Hana Freeman "behind every good look that works on a man is a woman who could put it on and make it look better."

Styling: Menswear for all

Now this is no dig at men, or their fashion sense. A well dressed man is truly a work of art and something to be seriously appreciated, so fellas keep up the good work! There is something, however, that words can’t fully capture about the presence that reveals itself when a woman puts on a structured or a tailored piece. That natural shift from delicate beauty to a statement of power while still exuding femininity, is truly a force to be reckoned with. Top it all with a hat and the statement you are making could set boardrooms and glass ceilings ablaze.

I encourage you to claim the power that comes from lines and shapes designed to emanate confidence, strength and masculinity because those qualities aren’t just for the boys. The pieces you choose shouldn’t have to know a gender, only style. And if you want it, that bad-assery is ripe for the picking. Here are some of my top pieces that bring to life this tailored look from my own wardrobe and hat collectionThe Suit Vest: The suit vest is one of my favourite male skewed pieces to cherry pick and pair with a hat. I try to slant this look more towards a 1970’s vibe ( think Laura Hutton or Bianca Jagger) rather than the tiny vests popular in the Y2K era. So with that in mind, I prefer to wear mine sans button down because it really enables me showcase the beautiful lines of a décolletage, and what is more ladylike than this part of the female shape? For day I opt for high waisted bell bottom jeans and a deconstructed Billy; and for night Ive gone more classic with a wide leg trouser and a black Gerald Fitzgerald. Now somebody bring me a cigar and a bourbon, neat.Man’s Jacket: Oh the oversized men’s jacket, I love this look! Whether the jacket is being used for function or just for a vibe, it always looks refined. Sometimes I like to let the dressiness of this piece be toned down by pairing it simply with shorts and a t-shirt, or create an elevated look and wear the jacket like a dress- don’t worry folks there shorts on underneath there! In both instances I figured the bold shape of this jacket could work well with the bold structure of my Colonel Pierce; a hat beaming with male energy. Additionally with this monochromatic palette, these pieces get to work together joining forces, as opposed to clashing and fighting for attention. What gentlemen!Sneakers and Tees: Sneakers and a t-shirt and flat cap… take me out to the ball game!! Let’s go do some runaround activities in this easy go to outfit. Flatcaps typically slant boyishly fun to me so I say lean into it! Wear this outfit to the park, to the game, to the bar! This look is so carefree and fun you can literally grab a shirt and some denim, tie your kicks, grab your cap and GO!

(A nod to) The White Collared shirt: Cue Bob Seiger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll” and slide right into frame with this timeless look. This shirt dress is the closest thing to the famous “white collared shirt and nothing else” look I think you can get to and still go out in public! Pair this baby with some well made leather boots and an open crown and you have menswear inspired magic! Now you don’t have to shop in the men’s section to fully capture menswear. Sometimes hat powerful statement can still come from a feminine foundation with out losing its masculine essence. If it still makes you feel like a boss trust me it still qualifies! And last but certainly not least… The Boyfriend Button Down: Gotta love a shirt with some room and flow! For the most part, I do prefer to have the menswear I own be actual men’s clothing because it generally affords me the opportunity to have more looks than one! I love to wear this particular pinstripe easy and breezy or all tied up for a dash of femininity. Honestly I love both ways, it just depends on the day. I also love pairing this particular pinstripe with my Happy Trails as well to give it a hint of Americana and a hint of cowboy because menswear is not limited to the office ya’ll lets give a holler to the men in stacking those hay bails! And there you have it a hat wearing lady who loves to celebrate the power and beauty that comes with a few curated menswear pieces. As always all I can say here is there’s no rule or one way to rock this statement look. Just trust your instinct and have fun, that is truly what it’s all about.

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