Style Watch: Tomas Santiago

Copper or Stone? Desert or Sky?

Style Watch: Tomas Santiago

Tomas Santiago has been one of our absolute favorite palm straws we've made - and he's back in two colors: Copper and Stone

The Details - teardrop crown fedora with a wide pencil curl brim built on [Block No.25] made from 100% palm leaf with a UPF-50 rating, providing 98% UV radiation block. It features a 4” teardrop crown, 3 ½” flat stiff brim, a grosgrain hat band, and a German wicking sweatband.

The Tomas Santiago in copper reminds me so much of the core colors found in our deserts here on the west coast, so when styling this hat in this color I try to keep a desert palette in mind.  I like to let the colors of my outfits be either vibrant and saturated, or rich and deep much like the desert. Those combinations when paired with this golden adjacent hat offer you looks with guaranteed depth and richness.

For a vibrant and saturated look I leaned towards my favorite tangerine maxi.  I find the combination of this particular orange when paired with copper calls to the warmth and highly saturated visual of a desert sunset. Additionally when paired with a deeper color like indigo, or denim, you’re really letting Mother Nature’s design shine with you wherever you choose to take this outfit. Denim to me has always recalled the spirit of the desert and ranch life, so when paired with this particular hue of straw it really communicates that heritage of wide open spaces, riding through the mountains and celebrating the great outdoors but paired down to work in any location.

Now the Tomas Santiago in stone, although the same hat, sends a completely different message to me than the copper version above. To me the copper is transcended from the earth and sands of the desert, whereas the Tomas Santiago in stone lends itself to the sea and sky, with that gorgeous ocean blue band and airy cloud-like white we call stone.

This sky-blue dress captures that perfectly combined with the white of the hat and blue of the band, allowing this style to flow weightlessly and airy.  For my second look I focused on the balance of color -  the blue found in the band and the yellow of my sweater creates a color combination that enables a striking but cohesive look. Inviting your straw hats into ensembles that includes transitional seasonal clothing like a mid-drift sweater, also allows these pieces to have a longer shelf life in your wardrobe. They get to be worn and accessorized in a way that makes them no longer seen as a straw hat but just simply a hat.

You can’t loose when you are translating something that naturally exists in nature into your wardrobe. Both copper and stone perfectly highlight the desert and sky coloring and complete your outfit, bringing nature with you.


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