Behind the Brim: The Gaucho

Three new styles to improve your collection

Behind the Brim: The Gaucho

We are so excited to be launching new styles of the gaucho hat. If you've been with us for a while you may remember the Trumpet Blues style that we had in years past. In typical fashion, it seemed that once we sold through it, everyone kept asking for it. These three new ones may not be exact replicas of Trumpet Blues, but they certainly stand on their own. These are newly released Cloud Sky, and London Rose in black and red.

I think the reason gaucho styles were maybe overlooked in previous modern years, was because they can be intimidating. Not too dissimilar to the presence of an open crown: it commands attention. You'll hear folks say things like, "oh that's a hat hat." If I'm honest, I definitely felt the same way when I first tried one on; it differs from a fedora in that there is no "mirroring" of your face shape. Often times, with various pinched crowns, our facial features can mimic the shapes of the crown and it becomes an extension of your face shape in a sense, and that's what makes a hat look really good! With a gaucho, you don't get that luxury, it is truly a hat on top of your head. Nothing to fear though, the true reason I love the gaucho style so much is because it is so unlike any fedora you have in your collection, its different, its classic, and all hat connoisseurs will truly appreciate owning and rocking one of these styles. 

For myself, I like to either rock a gaucho to give a statement to a simple casual outfit, or complete a dressier look like the icing on a cake. Here's how I styled some of my favorite gauchos at home:

The major characteristics of the "gaucho style" is the flat top or flat crown and wide flat brim can be made with wool or fur felt.  Some other names for this style hat can be gambler or bolero hats. Historically, the gaucho style was started by the original cowboys of Argentina and Uruguay in the 18th and 19th centuries. Stylistically now, you can totally wear this style with any outfit! You're not limited to a cowboy style look to make this hat stand out - trust us, any of these gaucho  styles will have heads turning.


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